Cheese and ham flamenquins

Tray of approximately 1 kg

10 units

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Stuffed and Crispy Delights

Ready to explore a dish that combines flavors and textures in every bite? Our Pork Flamenquines with Cheese and Salted Ham They are a gastronomic experience that you do not want to miss. These pork rolls stuffed with cheese and salty ham offer you a perfect combination of flavors and a crunchy texture that will keep you coming back for more.

Presentation Suggestions:

  • Exquisite Main Course: Serve the Pork Flamenquines with your favorite sauce and a side of roasted vegetables for an exquisite meal.
  • Tasty Snacks: Slice the Flamenquines and serve on fresh baguettes to create tasty snacks.
  • Party Appetizers: Cut the Flamenquines into smaller pieces and serve them as appetizers at your next party or gathering.

These Pork Flamenquines with Cheese and Salted Ham are an example of the culinary creativity that you can enjoy at home. Their combination of high-quality ingredients and balanced flavors make them a dish worthy of any occasion. Try them and discover the crunchy pleasure of Spanish gastronomy in your own home!