Duck magret

400g – 600g

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A Delicious and Versatile Pleasure on your Table

Are you looking to give a special touch and a distinctive flavor to your dishes? Our Duck Magret is the perfect choice. This exquisite cut of duck meat will allow you to create gourmet dishes that will delight your guests and family.

Some recipe suggestions include:

  • Orange Duck Magret: A classic that combines the softness of duck meat with the acidity of a delicious orange sauce.
  • Duck Magret with Plum Sauce: A sweet and sour option that highlights the richness of this cut.
  • Duck Magret with Apple Puree: A combination that balances the flavors in a masterful way.
  • Grilled Duck Magret: If you prefer simplicity, a grilled Duck Magret is always a hit.

Duck Magret is appreciated for its distinctive flavor and versatility in cooking. Each bite is a unique experience that combines the juiciness of the meat with a touch of unmistakable flavor.

Storage Instructions:

  • Store your Duck Magret in the refrigerator between 0 and 4°C to maintain its freshness.
  • Consume within 3 days of delivery to enjoy it at its optimal point.
  • If you plan to store it longer, freeze it and thaw it slowly in the refrigerator before cooking.

Buy our exquisite Duck Magret now and discover new ways to surprise your loved ones with delicious and traditional recipes. Don't wait any longer to enjoy the quality and flavor that only our online meat store can offer you.