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The Perfect Feast to Share during the Christmas Season

Getting ready for the holiday season has never been as easy and delicious as with our Special Broth Mix. This preparation includes a variety of high-quality ingredients that combine to create an exceptional Christmas broth. Contains mixed ball, chicken, veal shank, rib, pork tips, garro pernil, os saltat blanc, pig's foot and a pack of vegetables. It is the perfect base for your seasonal soups and broths.

Presentation Suggestions:

  • Christmas soup.
  • Traditional Dishes.

Instructions for preparation:

Simply add this mixture to a pot of water and simmer to create a delicious, flavorful broth. You can customize it with your own ingredients and spices if you wish.

This Special Broth Preparation is the perfect way to bring the spirit of Christmas to your table. Its traditional flavors and culinary versatility will help you create memorable meals all season long. Celebrate Christmas with a delicious, comforting broth that everyone will enjoy!